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True Blah (Part 8)
Title - True Blah (Part 8)
Rating - general vampyness R
Fandom - True Blood
Pairing (pam/jessica jessica/hoyt)
Disclaimer - Don't own blah blah

When Jessica came to, she was in unfamiliar surroundings, pretty but unfamiliar. Her eyes tried to open and take it all in, it was bare. She slowly realized she was drinking blood, no not drinking it but it was in her mouth. Was it her own? Her tongue travelled around her mouth for somewhere it could be pouring from, then she felt a cool hand stroking her head. She forced her eyes open again looking up to the calming hand. Pam.

Pam had her own arm over Jessica's mouth, Pam's hand stroked down Jessica's face and eased her mouth open.

"Drink." Pam pressed her wrist closer, Jessica's mouth filling with Pam's blood again.

The sight of worry, something she didn't expect to see in Pam's eyes, brought out a low moan from her throat, as she weakly took Pam's wrist in her hands, and tried to drink more, faster.

"Oh darling..." Pam said sweetly, which only made Jessica suck down on her wrist harder. "I'll fucking rip her head off-" Pam gasped as she felt Jessica biting down on her at last, a moan of pleasure past her meticulously made up lips.

Jessica lay in a bed, a perfectly made, overflowing with cushions bed. She could have sank into it, if it wasn't for the pain her back as she tried to move but couldn't, lying on her side.

"Do you ever actually sleep in here?" She asked Pam weekly, her voice quiet, scratchy.

"Sleep? No." Pam went no further, but from the smirk Jessica was left to imagine what else. Jessica smiled nervously. When had Pam took off her clothes, she could feel the cool sheets on her bare legs all the way up to where she could feel some sort of bandage circling around her back and ribs. Pam stood over her, quiet.

"Would you like me to ring that breather of yours?"

"Hoyt!" Jessica exclaimed rather quietly, her voice still raspy, but her face showed the shame and shock. "I hadn't even, it didn't occur to me..."

"No." Jessica avoided Pam's eyes. "I can ring him for you." Jessica nodded a little, her eyes still down.

"Jessica has been hurt, she's staying with me till she is healed... its Pam." Pam practically bit each word as they sharply fell from her tongue. Clearly not wanting to talk to Hoyt.

Pam returned to the room she had placed Jessica, Jessica had faintly heard the phone call from down the hall.

"He wants to come see you..." Pam left a silence for Jessica to fill, waiting for her to say 'yes' or 'no' to the possibility, even though Pam had it firmly in her mind that there was no way Hoyt was coming to her home, she still wanted to know if Jessica wanted to see him.

"I don't want him seeing me like this, if that's okay?" Jessica looked up into the icy pools, but Pam's blue eyes seemed softer somehow.

"You were lucky the old coot had bad aim, its bad enough that it was silver tipped. Any higher and-"

"Don't say it."

"I've dealt with those Mary Sunshine fucks before, I will kill her."

"Could you just make her disappear, like with-"

"Oh yes" Pam sounded so pleased with herself.

"Or do you think I should tell him what his mother did?"

"That's up to you honey, but it won't stop me ripping out her throat for hurting you." Pam almost sighed, Jessica could've sworn it, to compose herself. "I think its time for you to feed again." Pam carefully took off a necklace she was wearing, placing it on a dresser near the door. "Can you move much yet?"

"Yes, thanks to you... I don't think I can walk too much yet."

"You don't need to be able to walk for this." Pam sat down on the side of the bed. "Help me with the zip." Jessica let out a little laugh. Pam turned, her eyebrow raised in question. "No, I do not need your help, I just..." Pam searched for the words.

"Like someone undressing you?" Jessica smiled, biting her lip to suppress it a little.

"Normally, no. You make me want and do things I normally wouldn't." Pam turned her head again, staring straight ahead as Jessica lifted her arms with much effort to unzip the fine dress Pam was wearing, Pam stood up, as she slinked out of it. Then turned to face Jessica, standing up proud then smiled when Jessica took a sharp intake of breath, a human trait she couldn't shake, especially with how mouth watering Pam looked in her colourful bra and panties.

In a flash Pam had removed the covers, and was sat up over Jessica's ribs, perched high, as to not hurt her. Pam looked down at Jessica darkly then smiled.

Jessica drank from Pam's inner thigh, as Pam's back arched, her head bending back with one hand between Jessica's legs, the other on her own chest.

Pam lifted off her, Jessica whimpered at the loss of blood, and from the pushing of Pam's hand inside her, which got deeper. Jessica looked up at Pam's cascading hair down her shoulders.

"I think you can do better than that." Pam settled her centre over Jessica's mouth. "I give you permission. You can rip them off with your teeth if you like." Blood dripped off Jessica's bottom lip and she tore into the fine fabric revealing Pam to her.

Jessica wanted to do so much more to her, and with Pam's blood giving her strength she soon would be able to.

She lived in two worlds, she couldn't deny it any longer.
There was the Mary Jane sort of world with Hoyt as her Peter Parker, trying to pretend they were like any other normal couple. He hadn't reacted well when he found out about his mother trying to kill her, sure, but he hadn't protected her like Pam.
There was her night time world, one where before she was spending it with Hoyt but he couldn't manage on zero sleep and she couldn't be awake through the day. So now she spent her nights with Pam. With Pam she felt alive and not like she was sleepwalking through some catalogue glossy life. A life that was set out for some girl that she could have been, but just never would be. How long untill Hoyt realized it too?

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I really loved this new chapter Rach honey!! *hugs*

awwwwww thanks, im totally done with it (even though i have bunnies in my head with stuff set later on in their relationship but those plot bunnies can frak off for a while :)

YEY! It was Hoyt's mom?I did lol at that bit...the last episode when she bought the gun, flashbacks...

That was really sweet, I love how Pam is taking care of her. Jessica should just leave Hoyt (but obviously it wouldn't be as exciting then).

I also love the whole 'Mary Jane world'....Jess could so be Pam's Mary Jane ;)

ah damn i love your icon! just had to say that out loud, yes really.

*big smile* Hoyt's mom, cracked me up in the last ep ah when she pushed over the guidance dude. LOLage.

YES! jessica could be her MJ.... to her spiderman? hehe Pam has to be the super-awesome-one.

plot bunnies can never frak off. hah.

loved it. <3 i wish pam would go and rip maxine's head off. or summer. probably just summer. haha

dont encourage the plot bunnies :P

thankies for reading and the lovely comment... esp the bit about ripping Maxine's head off. :D

plot bunnies, i have candy! always encourage the plot bunnies.

many welcomes, maxine just needs to go. hoyt`s like 30. he doesn`t need her babying him anymore.

If it's Pez, they're sold. My Plot Bunnies love Pez :D

hehe tell that to Alan Ball, she does, and I fear (also sort of hope) that Jessica takes her out.... but I dunno how that will effect Hoyt/Jessica's relationship. I'd fall off my seat laughing if Hoyt himself takes her out. Come on Alan Ball, you can do it!

My Nemo Pez says yes, they are.

I think it will throw a curve in the relationship, which is maybe what they need. i think Hoyt still believes Jessica can mainstream and Jessica wants to prove she can't.

because of you ive written 3 separate pieces and not sure which one to follow

all set at different times in their relationship.

its really all your fault for feeding the plot bunnies pez

(Deleted comment)
thats so cute, you saying its cute. but I agree, I like her doing things for Jess that she normally wouldn't (its an excuse for a ff writer to have them do non-canon stuff... though in my head this is how season 4 will start to go down.. tra la la, until it starts it can be like this in my head)

I'm so totally done with the story now.... *she says as she has already bits and pieces more, and the plot bunnies keep gnawing at the inside of my head* but I totally am.

(Deleted comment)
*tries to say it fast five times, then starts laughing at herself for doing so*

Ye gods i love your comments. *cant stop smiling*

From the way they started season 3 i thought they'd at least go subtext with them, tho Alan's not one for it... he seems more hit-you-over-the-head-with-it text (which to some not into fandom viewers is subtext, but to us its main-text. re- the way i watch a show vs what my mom sees in the same show. I'm like "BUT ITS SO OBVIOUS!" and she sees the hetero relationships that are in the maintext (kinda refering to Defying Gravity here... guess you've seen it)

anywhos... even on the comic con panel this year the jam relationship was mentioned and Kristen and Deb just lol'd about "you dont know what goes on behind the scenes" but zip happened.... *fingers and toes for season 4* (since to me it seems Alan set up storylines at the start of season 3, that didnt happen, and set them up again at the end.... for the next season, not that i didnt love season 3)

wow i can talk, and you're stopping me posting the next part :P (sort of, ive got something solid for like a part removed time... part 10 maybe, gotta sort out the bits and bobs i have into part 9 first. meh and also gah.) (sw)

Loved this story! Now, all it needs is an epilogue where Jess dumps Hoyts ass and lives in sin with Pam permanently! lol (a girl can dream) But really, awesome story and I hope you'll keep writing Pam fics to get us through the year until the new True Blood season. My sanity is in your hands...

yeah i should write a follow up, i need the kick in the ass to do it. and keeping your sanity just may be that kick :)

Wahoo! my sanity thanks you :)

oh i was gonna recommend you change the label of this to pam/jessica jessica/hoyt because jessica/pam/hoyt makes it sounds like there's gonna be a threesome between them and I dont think you mean that. ;)

okies, will do for you :)

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