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True Blah (Part 9)
Title - True Blah (Part 9)
Rating - R
Fandom - True Blood
Pairing/Characters - (Pam/Jessica) mentions of Hoyt & Eric even pops in to say hi LOL
Disclaimer - Don't own yada yada
A/N - ok, so I wasnt gonna write anymore, but a certain someone, you know who you are, fed the plot bunnies pez from a nemo pez dispenser and this sprang forth from my head onto the screen and into your eyes. Enjoy! (Thats not an order, but I'd appreciate it)

Jessica lay facing the ceiling, as Pam's hands worked through the bubbles, under the water on Jessica.

"Are you trying to make my choose?" Jessica lent her head back on Pam's collarbone, pushing her breast into Pam's hands harder.

"No." Pam said cooley.

"But do you want me to?" Jessica looked up into Pam's eyes, which bore straight ahead.

"I've never said such a thing. Simply, are you or are you not a vampire?"

"What if you could go back, be human and live your life?" Jessica tried to think what it would be like if they were both human, but Pam was too Pam-like to think of her any other way.

"Oh no sweetheart, I was born for this. I would have been a terrible human."

"How can you know?"

"You just know. I just know. Perhaps you could have had the swell little life by the creek, but that's not the hand Bill dealt you now is it." Pam chuckled as she moved her hands down Jessica's stomach. "And Bill is the one who thinks he can live as a breather again, fucking fool." Pam's hands found Jessica's centre.

"I ain't you Pam, I wasn't born to be this..." Jessica let out a little gasp at the feeling of Pam's fingers fluttering under the water, then she retreated them, stroking back up Jessica's stomach. "...be an evil fucking creature. Maybe I wanted that life."

"Well maybe you did, maybe you didn't... don't matter shit now." Pam retreated her hands up through the bubbles and reached to the side of the bath. "Sit up. I want to do your hair."

Pam watched Jessica feeding. It hadn't taken Jessica but a few days of Pam's blood to have the strength to go out for a meal again. Pam had kept Hoyt away from Jessica, though he kept ringing, as long as he didn't know where she lived, as few did, they would be secluded and Pam could take care of Jessica with some peace.

"Good." Pam smiled at Jessica. Jessica let the young guy go. He sat back in his chair. Jessica smiled a proud smile, a bloody glistening smile. Pam moved toward her, in to the young guy looked like a flash, but to Jessica it looked slow, swaggering, enticing as their eyes locked.

"I did it, right?" Pam's eyes moved over the young guy in his uniform. He was sitting quiet, as Pam had told him to do, with two small holes in his neck. Jessica was even getting neater.

"Yes, you did very well. I think you deserve ...a treat." Jessica smiled, a big happy smile, but the look in Pam's eyes as she let her gaze wonder down from Jessica's eyes down to her lips made Jessica bit her own. Even before Pam moved closer to kiss her Jessica could feel Pam's passion. Her blood felt hot under her skin, waiting for Pam to make her explode.

"A treat?" Jessica tried to steady herself, her own eyes now focused on Pam's lips. Lips in which she could get lost in.

"Yes." Pam took Jessica's hand, as she brought her in close, kissing her, tasting the blood on Jessica's tongue.

"You are some treat." Jessica gasped between kisses. Pam moved off her, barely, to shrug off her jacket.

"Hey King," She motioned to the young guy. "Go sit over there." He moved off into the corner of the office. Pam sat down on the unfamiliar desk, wiping off all the papers with her arm. She brought Jessica close to her, wrapping her legs around Jessica's waist. She kissed her, leaving a bite on Jessica's bottom lip as she lent back, resting on her arms. With a raised eyebrow and a smirk she couldn't help herself, "Have it your way."

"Drink from me. It'll do you better than his blood." Pam writhed on the desk as Jessica sank her teeth into Pam's centre, her tongue working in her.

Jessica never felt so free than when she was buried in Pam. It wasn't until they were driving home that she thought about the life she was about to return to. Pam hadn't let Hoyt come see her when she was recovering, she figured Pam didn't want brea-humans, she corrected herself from knowing where she lived. She tried to not be us and them, but Pam was influential. Pam looked down on humans, and Jessica was feeling less and less like one the more Pam helped her explore her new nature. Pam had put herself at risk by letting Jessica stay with her, and Jessica had to be honest, she had enjoyed the time off work, the nights spent with Pam, the days sleeping beside her, waking to find herself in her arms.

Jessica planned on surprising Hoyt the next night by picking him up after a night out with Jason at Merlotte's, but her car, she guessed was still at Merlotte's, so she went with Pam to Fangtasia until Pam could slip out of work and drop her off.

They arrived in the parking lot an hour before Fangtasia was to open that night.

"You could take me over now." Jessica slowly ventured.

"Later." Pam went no further as to why, but Jessica figures Pam had been slack with her responsibilities enough because of her, and Pam needed to show up to work before doing anything for her. Honestly Jessica didn't mind waiting, she felt apprehensive about seeing Hoyt. She still hadn't made up her mind about telling him that his mother had tried to kill her. She didn't want to sound like she was asking him to choose between the two of them, he had already been cutting her out of his life, but when push came to shove she just didn't know.

Pam parked staring straight ahead as Jessica's mind wandered. Pam ran her cool hand up Jessica's bare leg, up under her pale mint dress Pam had picked up for her. Pam said she had liked her in green. She slowly closed her eyes when she felt Pam's nails dig into her inner thighs, slipping her thumb under her panties, which she had also picked out for her.

Pam sat at the bar, she was reading from the Newspaper in front of her. "Ooh sounds gruesome. Delightful!" Pam looked up to see if Jessica was listening, Jessica tried to look like she wasn't. "Killed by an animal. Nasty."

Jessica came over and stood in defeat next to Pam, leaning her head on Pam's shoulder.

"Please don't tell me its-" Pam turned to look into Jessica's eyes, a slight look down at Jessica resting her head on her, but since her shoulder was bare she didn't mind.

"Fine. I won't." Jessica sighed, wrapping an arm around Pam's red leather waist. Pam didn't respond to the touch, just continued to read the newspaper. Not telling Jessica to not touch her clothing told Jessica enough. Pam stroked Jessica's long red hair, then turned the page of the newspaper over.

"Pam." Eric stood in the doorway. Pam rose at once and followed him through into the office, leaving Jessica alone, to look at the newspaper if she so wished.

"What are you doing?"

"Doing?" Pam faked, but she could never fake her true feelings from Eric.

"With that girl, I rarely interfere with your relationships, but she is Bill's progeny. I want nothing to do with him."

"And he don't give a fuck about her!" Pam burst out, then looked harsh into his eyes. Erics head hung low, but his eyes looked into hers, trying to figure her out.

"Is it just a sex thing?" He cocked his head a little.

Jessica read the newspaper, something about Maxine being mauled, she put her hand over her mouth to hide her smile, though nobody else was there.

Then she thought of Hoyt, she had to see him. She had to go to him now. She ran out of Fangtasia, taking Pam's car keys off the bar counter out of her golden purse.

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nemo prevails again! huzzah! and this time bubbles were involved, whooo!

hehe nemo indeed did. next part will be up quick and i swear its the end. maybe one more after it may be needed... maybe.. or not. :P

glad you liked the bubbles :D

you can swear all you like. ;) i doubt you will ever be done with pair. highly doubt. they have bubbles you know. :P

"they have bubbles you know" *just read that in a strange voice that made me laugh.

oh im so done *snaps fingers*

(after i post 10, and possibly 11)

gonna get the next one up soon if my sister leaves me alone (she just got in from school and i need to leave to go to the cinema soon-ish)

Just got caught up on this story - it's going along so well! I'm enjoying the character development so much. :)

Thanks for keeping up with it :) I dont expect anyone to when they see (part 10) its a bit much... esp since it was meant to be a one-shot LOL

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