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True Blah (Part 10)
Title - True Blah (Part 10)
Rating - R
Fandom - True Blood
Pairing (Pam/Jessica/Hoyt)
Disclaimer - Don't own yada yada
A/N - Hand to God this is (probably) the last part.

Pam glanced down at the body on the watery ground.

"Are you fucking serious?" Pam said rather flatly, her hands on her hips, letting her fine clothing hang open. Jessica was so worried about her love in her arms that she didn't even take in the sigh of Pam in fuck-me-heels and underwear.

"He's been attacked, I dunno, I've tried to give him my blood like you did with me, but he's out cold. Pam help me. I didn't know who else to go to."

"He aint coming in here darling. Take him to Bill." Jessica's eyes begged as she crouched to hold Hoyts bloody head in her hands, stroking the rain that fell on him, making the blood run down his forehead faster. "Fine, bring him round the side to the garage."

"Thank you." Jessica muttered as she picked up Hoyt.

"Tasty." Pam muttered as Hoyt lay out on the floor in her garage.

"You meant nasty right?"

"Sure. You will be cleaning this up cup cake."

Jessica nodded frantically, waiting for Pam to show her, to tell her what to do.

"He will die if he does not drink your blood. Such a waste." Jessica looked at her Hoyt, she agreed, if he were to die right here right now his whole life, everything they'd been fighting for to be together was a waste. Pam looked at him like he didn't deserve Jessica's blood.

Pam stood stoically, "Well you gonna feed him or not. Cause I'm getting bored, scratch that I am-"

"Fuck Pam! You know I love him, and I generally love your sarcasm but help me!"

"Well feed the little fuck then." Jessica bared her teeth to Pam at her calling Hoyt names, but Pam didn't flinch or look at all bothered. Simply a look of distaste on her face. Jessica bit into her arm, and pushed it onto his mouth. "I'm going to go back inside, I was in the middle of-" A youthful looking red headed woman in panties stood at the doorway back into Pam's house.

Pam smiled and turned around, "Coming darling." The woman gave Pam a broad smile, both looking each other up and down then turned and went back through the house. Pam looked at Jessica with a raised eyebrow as she was continuing to feed Hoyt her blood. "Such a waste." Pam muttered to herself as she walked back in the house, closing the door behind herself, leaving Jessica and Hoyt in the garage.

Pam returned, feeling it was only an hour to sunrise, to see if Jessica was gone.

"Yes, I'm still here, I dunno what to do. I think he's... I dunno." Jessica sat against the wall, cradling Hoyt in her lap, as she wiped her blood stained cheek.

"Follow me." Pam wrapped her garment around her waist, tying a fine piece of material to keep it from opening. She opened the garage door, and went out into her garden. "Kat!" Pam hollered, Melinda was at her side fast. "Go grab a spade."

Once Pam made sure Jessica and Hoyt were in the ground, she glamoured Kat and sent her on her way.

Pam stood a little off to the side of her once perfect grass, refusing to step on the damp dewy mess. Jessica was still down there with him, dumb baby. Pam raised an eyebrow as she grew impatient, nightfall had been two hours ago, and she had little patience to begin with.

"Kat darling, I think those babies are gonna need some help." Her newest blood bag picked up the spade and started to dig. Pam couldn't see down into the trench Kat was digging and her curiosity won out over caring about her shoes, she told herself it was her curiosity as she pushed down the worry she was feeling for Jessica. She bent down and extended her hand to Jessica, helping her out the mud. Jessica looked, to her, like she could do with a long hot soapy shower with her since it had been raining. Pam's own hair started to stick to her head as she stuck into the mud. Pam was not pleased. "Now get inside."

"I'm not leaving him down there alone."

Jessica helped Hoyt into the garage and was about to walk into Pam's house when Pam appeared, her hair re-done, make up perfect. Nobody would know she'd been in the rain and mud earlier.

"You still aint bringing him in here."

"Wh-?" Jessica let out a low growl. "Well fuck you!"

"I'd be delighted. Kat, drive them back to theirs." Pam's eyes contradicted the harsh tone, as she tried to avoid Jessica's eyes. Pam told herself she didn't care, as she turned and closed the door behind her. She walked straight down the hall, picked up her car keys on the way and out the front door. Time to go to Fangtasia.

Kat was silent as she drove Jessica and Hoyt back home. Jessica was about ready to sleep for days. She still needed to find out what had attacked Hoyt, he had been in no state to talk. She stroked his head as he lay on her shoulder.

"What happened to you?" He opened his eyes slowly at her voice, his puppy dog smile forming slowly on his face. She held the side of his face, then his face grew worried.

"Oh Lord where's Jason?" Jessica looked confused. "He was attacked too, was he there when you found me?" Jessica shook her head, wondering what could've done this to Hoyt and Jason.

"Did you see what attacked you?"

"Whatever got my mom, I guess."

"I read about that this evening, that's why I came straight to you, I'm so sorry Hoyt." Jessica grew worried.

"I don't have to choose now." Jessica smiled, a little proud. Tried to look like she was proud, forgetting that Pam and her had shared blood.

"I suppose not, if this was who you wanted."

"Yes, its ... not exactly what I wanted but we can be together now." Pam noticed Jessica hadn't directly replied to her actual question.

"You're so young. You have no idea the responsibility of being a maker." Pam actually looked wistful, in her own world until she snapped out of it, standing somehow straighter and taller than before. "Now I'm working, come in or don't bother me." Jessica looked to her feet.

"I just wanted to come by and see you. Hoyt's still res-"

"Honey" Pam purposely paused, knowing how the word effected Jessica. "I honestly don't care, I don't know why you think I do, I'm not wearing pink tonight so it can't be that." Pam looked past Jessica, giving her the hint. "You can go now." Jessica took it, turned around and left without another word. Pam regretted it immediately but her perfect face didn't show it. Jessica threw Pam a suspicious look over her shoulder. "Honey," Pam spoke loud, "Come by mine later. Alone. You have some cleaning up to do." Jessica clenched her jaw, gave a small nod. She felt attuned to Pam's feelings, where once it made her head swim, feel powerful passion, made her feel so wanted and dare she think it, loved. Now her connection with Pam waned due to her maker connection to Hoyt.

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Damn boys, always getting into trouble.

hehe spoiling jessica's/pams fun

*grumbles* always getting in the way...

hehe write me a sequel where it all ends happy for them and Hoyt and Jason go poof! in some way.

cause im almost honestly not writing more for them

haha oh fine. i'll try and think of something.. haven't written a damn thing in years.

really? awesome it'd be fun to pass on the fics me thinks. very much looking forward to what you come up with for them next. :D

Absolutely AWESOME new part honey! *hugs*

*hugs for comment of love* :D :D

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