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I've Missed Us (Jane/Maura) RIZZLES FIC
Title - I've Missed Us
Rating - R
Fandom - Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing (Jane/Maura)
Disclaimer - I do not own a thing, just playing in the sandbox.
A/N - ... Post 302 that is all.

Feeling her arms around me once more after all our fighting, not talking, hidden glances at her when I should not have wanted to but I could not fight back my attraction, to have those slender deceptively strong arms holding me, making me strong by letting me crumble in them felt so good.

Sure it was not the first time we had been alone since she shot my father, the other times we had vanished from each others vicinity once we realized we were alone. The pain too fresh. My emotions too conflicted. How could I want to fuck her after what she had done, I had to physically stay away in hope out of sight would mean out of mind. That failed.

As soon as we were alone, the Rizzoli clan all gone except her, I kissed her. I knew after all we'd been through lately she would not be the one to kiss me first.

She was slow to start, feeling different to how she had ever felt, unsure.

"I've missed us" I breathed into her mouth between slow kisses, as the words travelled in her, her kissing became familiar to me, deeper as if extracting my words, her tongue finding mine.

Her hands travelled up my sides, her touch making me shiver, my lip quiver yet I felt safe, secure. Her fingers entwined through my hair as mine mirrored hers, tracing up her sides, slowly, relishing the heated flesh through her tank top.

I shifted closer, hindered by my bandaged leg which she looked down at, her fingers playing lightly over them. Her eyes trailing up past them, to my cut off trouser leg, up my shirt, her eyes lingering biting her lip. Her eyes fixated on my breasts making me giggle, that's when our eyes met.

"I've missed us too." She spoke low, almost a growl as she maneuvered herself slowly onto my lap, careful for my leg. Her hair falling, cascading down her shoulders, mingling with my hair as she took me in another kiss.

My hands roamed under her top slowly, as it rose up over her abs, she pulled it off over her head, and smiled that dimpled smile down at me. I kissed her bare chest as she slowly started to unbutton my shirt but I giggled as she struggled.

"Little help." She laughed. I shook my head trying to hide my smile. She raised her eyebrows, pretending I could tell like she didn't care and made a slow play to unmount my hips, knowing with my leg I could not go after her. She stilled as I teased the first button open, then the next, she settled back onto me, her smile returned.

She removed her badge, her belt as I finished unbuttoning my shirt, but I left it for her to take down off my shoulders and toss it across the couch. I pouted, playing like it was a dear possession, ok it was I love clothing, but I loved having Jane back far more.

She kissed the bare skin whilst unfastening my bra, until that too was tossed across the couch. She took one breast in her hand, the other in her mouth, as my back arched into her touch. My own hands unbuttoning her trousers, she moved to accommodate my hand in her trousers. I felt the heat emitting from her centre through her panties.

She rose off me, letting my hands wander around to her ass, pushing off her trousers and panties, she kicked them off across the room, settling back down onto me.

"Hmmmm hows it down there doc?"

"Enjoying the view." I spoke slowly, letting my eyes wander over her and up her legs, to her pussy, which I stopped licking my lips as I did, forgetting the world as I could not pull my eyes away.

I wanted to flip her over and take her hard and fast, curling into her, my lips and tongue teasing out her pleasure, but I could not, I felt at her mercy. Then before I knew it, she had moved so I could take her. I let my hands wander and kneed over her ass as it rose and dove into me slowly, matching the rhythm I was enjoying between her legs. She rode my face like she had never done it before, I felt hesitation so I gripped onto her ass, pulling her pussy further down onto my face, my tongue delved deeper into her slowly.

I felt her thighs start to shake as she gripped my head through my hair with one hand, the other on the back of the couch beside me.

The noises she was eliciting were making my own hips rise and fall, I tried to cause some friction to ease my own want, my own wetness but nothing short of contact from Jane could quell me.

Jane arched one last time into my mouth, her back stiffening as I heard her breathing shudder and stop, then let out a relieved sigh. I licked teasingly at her bud as she made a move to move away, I looked up at her and found her looking down at me, the warmest hottest smile on her face. Playfully she pushed my head away, we giggled as she flopped on the couch next to me.


"I agree wholeheartedly." I turned straight faced to her, she raised an eyebrow in return, we both smiled in unison.

She leant over and kissed my neck, slowly kissing down my torso, as I tried to shift in my seat to give her the access we both needed.

"Is your leg...?"

I winced then let out a nervous laugh at her big concerned puppy eyes.

"I don't want to hurt you... I just want-"

"-I want you too. Here help me." She took my outstretched arms and followed my guidance as I stood awkwardly. "Well that was far too much effort, there is little possibility that you will maneuver me upstairs." I let out a small giggle.

"What Maur, this isnt funny..."

"Perhaps, but your face..." I stumbled forward and she caught me in her arms, eliciting a giggle from us both. "Maybe I should just..."

"Agreed." She helped me lay down on the couch, my leg splayed out at an odd angle, but it did give her access to help take off my trousers, down over one leg, and hung down towards the floor still held on my other leg. "That's close enough." She smiled as she knelt down on the floor, between my injured leg and the couch.

She teased me, mirroring the way I usually tease her, our role reversed, as I bucked off the couch trying to gain contact where I had missed it. She smiled up at me, and I felt my heart melting.

"Oh enough... I need to fuck you." I laughed hard at her words, and her very stern face. "Maur I'm serious." Her protesting only made me laugh more.

"Just come here." She made her way on top of me, being careful not to hurt me. I cradled her head in my hands as I kissed her, sure I had been desperate to taste her juices but to be able to kiss her with them on my lips, on my tongue, made me so wet, to think of her tasting herself in our kisses.

"Maur..." She purred between kisses, "This isn't fair. I wanna go down on you." I giggled as she made her way down my torso with her mouth, occasionally looking up at me with those delicious dark eyes, I licked my mouth, tasting her there still.

I playfully pushed her head down past my stomach, and she the sound of her wanting moan made my hips rise. I was so wet I thought I felt it run onto my thighs.

Jane licked slowly up my entire centre, sending a shiver up through my stomach. She smiled up at me, and repeated it slower this time.

"What happened to fuck teasing?" She answered with another agonizing slow meandering of her tongue, and then started to kiss and nibble at my inner thighs, I could feel her breath so close to where I wanted it.

My hips buck off the couch, making her smile.

"Wow Maur... you really need this."

"You," I corrected her. "I really need you." I took her head, playing with her hair in my hands and placed her head at my pussy.

She moaned, "Fuck I've missed this." I felt the words upon me, as I bucked my hips into her mouth.

As I came closer and closer to my release, I pulled her head away, "I need to kiss you."

"Maur, I'm kinda busy."


She moved quickly and kissed me, hard, deep, tongues fighting. My hands gripping her hard through her hair, one hand wondering down to knead her breast, her moan breathed into my mouth, my moans smothered by her tongue.

My hips rose to meet hers, she knew what I needed as she slid her hand down over my breast, down my stomach, making me twitch with pleasure and into me, her fingers curling into my wetness. I came hard, gripping onto Jane as I tried to look into her eyes when I climaxed but all I saw was blinding white, then she slowly came back into view, smiling down at me.

"Fuck you're so hot."


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