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Saviour - Part 2 (Rizzoli & Isles)
Saviour - Part 2 (Rizzoli & Isles)
Title - Saviour
Rating - T
Fandom - Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing (Jane/Maura)
Disclaimer - I do not own a thing, just playing in the sandbox.
A/N - This is set post season 1 finale... that is all.

"I will stay." I stressed.

"Oh Maur.., you not sick of the sight of me yet?"

I smiled in response, tight lipped, because opening my mouth may spill the words I tried so hard to keep quiet.

"Well I'm not going to be good company," She groaned, as she tried to look over the couch at me whilst I made myself busy with her bags and making beverages for the two of us. "Will you stop fussing about over there..." She breathed out heavily and slumped back on the couch.

The sound she made when she slumped back down into the couch reminded me of the times we had sat together, laid down together on that couch and I had wanted more, I had wanted to make her moan on the couch.

I brought her over the herbal tea I had made, to her scrunched nose and bickering.

"Jane, you can hardly have a beer with the meds you are on." She bickered some more at me, with a not very well hidden smile. "Just drink it."

"Ok ok if you stop standing there like a spare part, and take a seat..." I bit the corner of my lip and took a tentative seat at the edge of her couch. She groaned as she tried to move her legs for me.

"Jane, please... It is okay, I would rather you were more comfortable-"

"I'd be more comfortable if you'd sit back and make yourself comfortable."

"I was going to take you to bed."

"Whoa Maur," She chuckled. "no funny business." I blushed, turned my face away from her. "I can't do that in my condition."

"Jane, I-I did not-"

"I'm just fucking with ya Maur..." I slowly turned back to her and her eyes when they met with mine darted away, she awkwardly picked up the remote and flicked on her television.

I stood up, straightening my skirt.

"I am just going to-"

"-Yeah yeah..." I heard her clicking fast over the buttons on the remote.

"Umm yeah..." I moved away and back into the kitchen. I stood, with nothing to do except not be next to Jane.

When she had woken in the hospital I had been at the vending machine getting a black coffee for her mother. When I had returned to her room she was awake, sitting up and talking to her Angela. Her hand in Angela's and I scolded myself for wishing it was my hand hers was in.

Her eyes sparkled when they met mine, and I had stood at the foot of her bed, unable to breathe. It was not until Angela beckoned me over that I let out air.

She had asked if we wanted to be left alone, I waved off her very tempting proposition and had taken a seat opposite her. I had sat there, hands crossed in my lap unable to say much of anything, yet to stare up at Jane and be so thankfull in my heart that she was awake, safe, and here with me, with us.

Angela had said her loving goodbyes, with hugs and kisses, whilst I had remained with my hands clasped together with my bag in them. My eyes trying not to stare at her, my lips in a forced small smile as we left.

We sat in my car, ready to drive home when she broke into my thoughts talking about how she had left her bag in Jane's room, and before I got a few words out, she was thanking me for going to get it, confused I left her sitting in my car and headed back inside.

"Sorry to intrude but your-"

"Never." Her voice cracked as she awkwardly shifted her head to face me.

"Never? I-Your mother said she left her bag here and-"

"-You never intrude Maura."

"Oh thank you for saying that but I must really get the bag for your-"

"-She said you've been here every day." And then she smiled at me, her eyes heavy.

"I... yes." She reached for my hand, taking it weakly in her own. I stared down at it.

"Maur?" I looked up, her eyes fought to stay open. I placed my other hand on top of hers. She moaned, shifting her head more to face me. "Thanks."

"Shhh, Jane, you know I will always be here."

"No you won't." Her voice cracked and she gave a small cough. Her eyes looked up into mine which I felt burning at her words. "Cause you have to go give my ma her bag... and then go home." She sighed, her chest heaving as she tried to draw in air.

"Oh." She smiled and turned her head back over to a clearly more comfortable position for her.

"Wish you could stay..." She breathed the words out slowly just above a whisper.

"Me too." I bit my lip as to not let out a whimper, but I felt a tear slide down my cheek, and willed myself not to sniff. She would know then that I was crying, always my tell whenever we watched a movie together, as soon as I would give a little sniff, she would play punch my in the arm and giggle that I was crying.

I gulped and tried to steady my breathing as I slid my hands from hers, mouthing the words 'I love you' biting my top lip as to not repeat them with volume. I wanted to lean in and kiss her cheek, and stroke her hair but I instead leant down, picked up Angela's bag and left.

"Maybe I should go..." I do not know what I was hoping for off her, it was hardly likely that she would jump up from the couch and stop me leaving by declaring that she's as much in love with me as she knows I am with her, and then pins me between her and the kitchen counter and traces her mouth, lips, tongue down my body until I beg for her to be knuckle deep in me, and she would tell me she would, if only I would stay. Forever.

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Excellent update! I find myself wondering what Jane is thinking during this time. Will we get any of the story from her POV?

Working on a fourth part from Jane's POV... but only cause I read your comment :P

I had been noticing the lack of Jane's side myself. Shame on me, can't do that to one Jane Clementine Rizzoli, just not fair.

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