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Saviour - Part 3 (Rizzoli & Isles)
Saviour - Part 3 (Rizzoli & Isles)
Title - Saviour
Rating - R
Fandom - Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing (Jane/Maura)
Disclaimer - I do not own a thing, just playing in the sandbox.
A/N - This is set post 3.10.

A/N 2 - There is a time jump from part 2 to part 3, go with it, y'all watched Lost, and how linear was that... 

"Jane, why do we keep pretending?"

She does not even look across at me, just makes an adorable confused noise and continues sipping on a beer. My eyes fixate on her lips.

"Jane." Not a question. A statement.

"Huh what now?" Now she looks at me, a slight smile as my eyes stay on her lips for far too long then dart away.

I move close on the couch, reach out, as both of us had many times before.

Lightly my hand rests on her curled up leg. Always at the precipice but never venturing further, never willing to fall, and when we do we do not speak of it, we soon go back to ‘just friends’ and try to occupy ourselves with some random guy... But once you almost get killed by the majority of them I think the universe has been telling us something.

"Jane." Our eyes lock, as many times before but this time I want her to know the real reason behind all these looks. "I am tired-"

"Me too Maur." Her smile comes through her eyes, she reaches out, placing the beer on the table, her hand returns and rests on my arm, she strokes lightly.

"... of pretending." She cocks her head like a confused puppy. I let my hand travel further up than I had let it before. Her own hand stilled, her fingers burning into my skin. I think I feel her squeeze my arm ever so slightly.

"Jane..." I lick my lips.

"What are you saying Maura?"

I smile in response, I want to put her at ease, as my stomach drops out and I am having trouble breathing. I cannot lie. I have played scenarios with Jane through my mind before, sometimes they end extremely well and others... well its like my life has ended. What did I have to lose after tonight? She had saved me from my latest distraction, my latest lie who, surprise, had turned out to be a serial killer, a tall, dark, dimpled, killer cheek boned serial killer. Yes, yes I am aware he looked like the male version of Jane. And yes I chose him for that reason. So yes, I was blaming being almost killed tonight on why I was about to face this... attraction we had ignored for so long.

I shift in my seat closer, I hear her gulp. Her hand moves to her hair. I want it to be my hand, moving through that big mess of curls.

She keeps playing with her hair. Her eyes go down to where my hand is, far up on her thigh.

"Jane, I know you feel-"

She's suddenly standing, then shes gone into the kitchen.

I clench my jaw determined, as I try to hold back negative emotions. I stand and slowly follow her, listening for any clues as to what she is feeling.

"Jane I know you feel the same way."

"Pizza you want pizza... I can call in.


"Or I could pop out and score us some Thai? What do you want? Chinese?"

I stand behind her as she flutters around the kitchen. She opens and closes draws and cupboards clearly in a panic. I have done this to her. This is playing out like one of my worst scenarios.

"I'll go pick up some Chinese." With that she pasts me and was at the door, she stuffs her feet into her boots.

I stand helplessly, willing myself to go to her and then without realizing I am there, beside her, I place my hand on top of hers on the doorknob.

"Do not run from me. From us."

"Get your hand..." her voice broke, she gulps loudly, regaining her composure "Get your hand off me."

I stagger back as she slithers through the door.

Do I go after her?

Give her time? I tell myself, she needs time.

All we've had is time, to lie to ourselves, to each other, if she has anymore she could be gone for good. Before I even know it, I'm standing outside barefoot holding onto her wrist, holding her back, I pull her to me, her body crashes into mine as I stay my hold on her hand.

“Jane...” I place my other hand firmly in her hair and kiss her hard. Resistance is all I feel but I continue. I know she feels the same way. She whimpers, and I swallow her sound.

My stomach tingles and I feel her tongue, she kisses back as hard as she fought before. Her body tense, she pushes me back into the side of the house, her free hand snakes around my waist going lower and lower until she wraps one of my legs around her.

I let her other hand go and it joins my other in her hair, freeing her to lift my other leg around her, and she carries me back inside the house, I hear the door shut loudly with a bang and I'm suddenly underneath her on the couch.

Her shirt disappears, and she’s above me in that hot tank top as we continue to kiss like our lives depend on it. I gasp for air as my fingers go to her belt, but she tosses it off her and I hear her badge, her gun thud on the floor. Her hands return to me, in my hair, down my torso and then my thighs feel cool air as she pushes my dress up.

I snake one of my hands up under her tank top, her flesh burning under my touch. I pull at her zipper with my other hand, the sound makes my toes curl as our hips bring us closer together. Our lips are torn apart, I bury my face into her neck, her hair. The smell of Jane fills my head, makes it swim, light. I have fantasized about being this close that all my senses are overloaded with her.

“Is this real enough for you?” Her usual husky voice, if possible even more sexy than usual. I move my lips against her neck to answer and then she’s inside me. We move as one, I match her rhythm with my hips and it's sad to think we had been scared, waiting for so long when we can feel this good together.

I shudder under her, as I cum almost instantly, and then she is off me. She sits up with her hands rummaging through her hair.

“Fuck.” She says to herself. “Sorry M... fuck!” Was she unable to say my name? I move my dress back down and sit up next to her, I reach out to touch her hair but she stands up away from me. “Fuck!”

“Jane...” I look up at her back, I want her to turn around and look at me with the dark loving eyes I am used to, but I want the truth of those looks to be clear, instead of the lies we told ourselves.



“Don’t say my name!”

“Why? Jane... Why can you not hear me sa-”

“It makes me wet! Ok!? Fuck.... every fucking time it makes me want to fuck you and I can’t want to fuck my... the best friend I’ve ever... you can’t make me wet and want you like that. I can’t be in love-” I stood behind her, hugging her from behind, my face in her hair and kissing her neck stopping her rant. “Fuck I can’t but I do, ok... Maura... I hate this.” She turns in my arms, our eyes now inches away, and in them I see the truth I was looking for. “Maura... do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to see you with him? Any idea how much of a total dick I felt when,” She bites her lip, and I want to kiss her. “how much of a dick I felt for feeling happy when I figured out he was a killer. I mean sure, there was fear for your life...” I let out a giggle.

“Thank you for that concern.” I kiss her lightly, once, twice, until her tongue is dancing with mine and our breathing is one and I go light headed without oxygen. “Jane...” I draw out her name on purpose and she growls.

“Maura, I... It was Hoyt all over again.” I look at her puzzled. “How utterly scared I was for you, but I knew... I knew I could save you but there was... what if? I couldn’t let my mind go there, I can’t imagine my life without you.”

“Oh you are not a dick.” I smile at her, kiss her dimples.

“Being happy that he is a killer and that I can storm in and save the day... that I can save you... being happy over that makes me a dick.”

“It makes me happy too.”


“If it made you realize that you are in love with me.... then yes. Really.” I smile and I see her melt, I love having that effect on her and for her to be able to show me how horny it makes her. “Jane.” I lick my lips, and repeat her name now knowing how wet it makes her, and she kisses me, her tongue licks inside the top of my mouth, and it makes my knees weak. “Ohhh Jane.” I breathe out. “Tell me more about what me saying ‘Jane’ does to you...” I kiss her neck, nibble and lick the salty taste built up there from before, when she was deep inside me. I feel her hands go down in front of her, between us and as I kiss her neck I hear material and she whimpers. “Jane...”

Her hand cradled my face, and I move so her thumb brushes my lips and I smell her on her fingers, and I take one in my mouth, savouring her on my tongue.

“Oh Jane...”

“Oh fuck, I need you to...”

“Jane I need to taste you.”

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Ah, interesting study of informed denial on Jane's part, her devotion to their friendship and her fear of losing Maura in any way causing her distress. Thanks for sharing!

I love Jane's freak out. I love it even more that Maura was able to talk her down from her freak out ;-)

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