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True Blah (Part 11)
Title - True Blah (Part 11)
Rating - R
Fandom - True Blood
Pairing (Pam/Jessica)
Disclaimer - Don't own yada yada
A/N - For the sanity of skye007lex

What she thought was love, turned to... to what? Realization? She didn't know about blood bonds, not before she had shared blood with Pam. It hadn't occurred to her that Hoyt's feelings had grew because of the blood. She swore it hadn't started out that way, she remembers his smile, his curiosity when he asked her if she was a vampire. He had liked her before that right? Did he find her new and interesting? Was that why he liked her?

Hoyt wasn't out for a thrill, he wasn't a fangbanger... right? He had loved her for her. Right?

And then came Pam, why had Pam done all she had done for her? She couldn't see any incentive in it for her. Jessica was a stupid kid compared to Pam, but it was only in meeting her that she truly felt alive, first really felt love.

What she thought she had had with Hoyt just wasn't the same, sure she thought it was love and she cared for him a lot, but it didn't come close to the want, the aching desire, the need she had for Pam.

How had making Hoyt into a vampire pushed them so far apart? It should have brought them closer, right? Sharing blood. Sharing the night. Sharing in their deaths.

Jessica was such a fucking kid sometimes, she didn't even see that they had had problems before he was a vampire. Oh cause its so normal to be off fucking another vampire when you should be retuning home to your boyfriend, soon to be husband? Yes Jessica, that is cheating, she told herself after. You do not have two separate lives. There wasn't a one with Pam and a one with Hoyt, it had took making Hoyt a vampire to make her really see that. Now the two worlds she tried to carve out had collided.

Was it the time he had eventually found her with a face full of Pam? She had held out her hand to him, expecting him with his new vampire cravings and desires she thought he'd go for it, but she didn't see until he walked out that it was cheating. Pam with her eyes closed, smiled, big, wide, showing her teeth to him as her head lay back over the chair. She knew he was there and if he took one more step towards them she woulda ripped out his throat, probably.


She would have had to let him live for Jessica. Probably. She smiled some more as she knew he had left. Gasping as Jessica's mouth left her, then moaning when Jessica bit down hard.

Yes, she would have killed him. Jessica didn't even go after him when he saw his precious Jessica eating Pam. A low chuckle escaped her lips, Jessica's hands wandered up Pam's bare stomach, making it twitch under her fingers then back down and inside Pam to match the rhythm of her tongue, making her cum quickly. Tasting Pams blood and cum made Jessica even wetter than she already was. Just seeing Pam made her stomach knot, hearing Pam's voice made her throat dry and speechless. Hearing Pam cum made her own sex burn for Pams touch. And when Pam cried out her name her nipples went hard.

Before Jessica realized she was flat on the floor with Pam ripping off her clothing. Pam stopped kneeling above her.

"Did you invite him to join us before?" Pam's eyes unblinking, staring straight into Jessica.

Jessica shrugged, she wasn't sure. She didn't think she wanted him to leave, she thought he knew all about her and Pam, no she had not told him but well... was he dumb? It was so obvious, she talked about Pam all the time to him, Pam had made sure she hadn't died for good. The blood she shared with him... wasn't that meant to make the bond stronger? He really should have just known. But did she really want him to join them? No, she just didn't want to loose him. Probably.


"I'm his maker." She eventually spoke. It wasn't an answer, but it was. She was stuck with him now, she couldn't abandon him, neglect him the way Bill had her.

Pam studied Jessica's face before leaning down, pressing her bare breasts into Jessica and kissing her wet mouth hard but slow.

Pam's lips made her forget about Hoyt quickly, and the next time he crossed her mind Pam was licking up her spine. She quickly forgot about him again.

Jessica remembers not bothering to return to her and Hoyts place that night. She couldn't face him. She went back to Pam's like she had been doing night after night. She lay her head on Pam's shoulder while Pam drove. Pam let her. She still sat up straight, perfect posture, but inside she enjoyed the closeness of Jessica. You just wouldn't tell by looking at her.

When she did eventually go to face him she found the house empty. She was relieved. Until she went to collapse on the bed and found a dead body. It was tore up bad. Freaked out she ran into the bathroom to be sick, yep she was a vampire but the state of that body was gross, had Hoyt really did that. She dry heaved into the sink, nothing came out. Her abdomen muscles ached when she sank onto the floor, seeing out the corner of her eye something in the tub.

Racing out the house she ran and ran through the night away from the two dead girls in the house. She could do that strange vamp thing she saw happen to Pam and Eric, and that one time it happened with Bill, she could do that, did she want to even see him right now?

She had found herself at Fangtasia without even realizing that's where she was headed. Pam was on the door, her eyes sparkled in the night when they saw Jessica.

When Pam had been questioned about her relationship with Jessica by Eric, she didn't have to reply. He saw it in her eyes, he had felt it from her. The way she knew about his emotions for Sookie without having to ask, he knew the truth of her feelings for Jessica, except he asked. It had just been so unlike Pam to have feelings like that, it required him to ask. Although he was sitting in the office, he knew that Jessica had just arrived through his bond with Pam. He gave a small smile.

Pam was ready to be snippy, playful, seductive with Jessica but her words failed when she saw how scared and worried and tired and plain exhausted Jessica looked. She took Jessica's hand, and brought her straight through the bar where Eric was just coming out the office.

"It's all yours." Eric said as he past, dressed for the fangbangers as he headed to his throne. Pam nodded and took Jessica inside.

Pam was silent, her hands smoothing Jessica's hair, cupping her face. Her eyes searching over Jessica for any injury.

After an outpouring of what she saw, how she felt, Jessica stood sobbing in Pam's arms.

"Not the outfit, cupcake." That made Jessica chuckle. So absurd. But Pam was probably being mostly serious, Pam's outfit did look super expensive and panties wetting hot. "I'll deal with him."

"Deal?" Jessica didn't really want to ask, she didn't know what she wanted to happen to him. Sure she had killed someone once or twice. But Pam had been helping her with that. Was it her fault? Had she not taught Hoyt? No, she was still a baby vamp herself, maybe a toddler. No a baby. She couldn't teach him a thing, when she knew nothing. "Pam..." Pam moved her head so they were looking closely into each others eyes. "Don't hurt him." Pam clenched her jaw, and nodded.

Pam had drove her to Pam's place. Set up a bath for her. Then headed over to Hoyts. He still was nowhere to be seen that night, but she saw the bodies. With a raised eyebrow she knew he couldn't have done it. They were killed by a shifter, or some sort of were she was sure.

She found him drunk at Merlotte's, but remembered Jessica asked her not to hurt him.

Jessica never did ask Pam what had happened between her and Hoyt that night, she only knew he had took off to another town. That's what she had heard. But you know gossip. Most of the town thought he was dead, and the ones that didn't had swore they had seen him around Hotshot with Jason. She had heard Jason was some sort of creature too after the night they had been attacked, by some wild animals she had heard. But you know gossip. Had Pam threatened him never to come back? Never is along time when you're a vampire. Would she see him again someday? If they were ever back in Bon Temps, ever back down South, then maybe... maybe their paths would cross.

Every so often he crossed her mind, but they didn't stay in Bon Temps long after Eric handled his shit, and let Pam go again. It had been the Revelation that had brought Pam back to Eric, and she had been fine to do so, but he knew she needed time for herself once more after everything had died down with the power struggles over Kings and Queens, and all that territorial vampire bullshit. He knew she would return if he ever needed her but she had earned the time away. Time to show Jessica the world through vampire eyes. Time for Pam to learn how to feel for someone other than him, other than herself.

Pam showed her wonders over the years that mostly made her forget Hoyt, forget her straight and narrow human life.

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Wahoo, my sanity is intact! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I sorta want to feel bad for Hoyt... but my love of this pairing really allows for no sympathy at all lol He was just in the way. Great ending to a fabulous story. Heart happy endings :)

/me is happy about your sanity. I never thought my one-shot would come to all this. So glad you enjoyed it :)

Yep I feel bad for him, cause I like him, but i LOVE Pam and Jessica way more.

AWESOME new chapter honey! *Hugs* You did great!

Thanks for the support all the way through writing this *hugs*

yayyyyyyyy i almost missed this im so glad i saw it omg. *headdesk* i've been out pam fics for what seems like ever.

im glad i could cure the craving for pam fics if just for a little while, so glad you enjoyed it :D

i'll be sure to re-read many times, so many times i get confused when the show comes and i can't figure out why it's not working out like this. :P

hehe with Jessica not being in the books, I can write it how i like for now... until the show does what it wants.

This is sooooo intense! AWESOME!

awwwww thanks :D

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