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Saviour (Rizzoli & Isles) FIC
Title - Saviour 
Rating - T
Fandom - Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing (Jane/Maura)
Disclaimer - I do not own a thing, just playing in the sandbox.
A/N - This is set post season 1 finale... that is all.

I watched as she slept, my savior who had shot herself to save us. Me. Why had it taken all this to make me see what all those glances meant, all those nights I stayed awake thinking about her. Those nights we spent together in the same bed, as I would lie on my side watching her sleep. How did I not know I was in love with her all along. Sure we'd tossed the words around "I love you" but there is a difference.

I wanted her to wake, I was so desperate to tell her, practically giddy. I stroked my fingers over her hand, leaning over to kiss her forehead. I stroked her cheek picturing her waking up, her eyes would be bright with love for me, and she'd take my hand and kiss the finger tips. She'd bring my head down to her and kiss me softly.

I moved and placed a kiss on her cheek, I wanted there to be heat, warmth but she was cold. I placed my forehead down into her cheek, begging her to wake up.

"Maur...." Her hand came up slowly out of my grasp and into my hair. I beamed a smile, as I kissed her cheek. "You missed."

"Missed? I do not-"

"Missed." Jane's voice cracked. Her eyes opened slowly. "Maura haven't you been home." She looked me up and down, "You still look... damn fine," She sighed, clearly hard for her to focus on anything. "Have you been here the whole..." You are my home, I thought, but said nothing, instead kissing her forehead again. "I'm your what?"

"My home..." I mumbled, this time aware. I stepped back, had the words slipped out and I had not realized. She reached out with what little strength she had for my hand.

"Maur... Please..." I backed away, and moved to leave the room. "Maura." Her voice broke. "Maura I can't come after you." She was right and I stopped halfway out the hospital room door. I returned slowly. "Maura you missed..." I looked at her confused. Her eyes still hazy. "Come here Maur..." She reached up as far as she could and brought me down to her, kissing me softly. I whimpered into her mouth, my smile breaking the kiss. I giggled. "Thanks Maura just laugh at me."

"No... I am not... I've just wanted this for so long and I am so happy right-" I woke with a jerk, I had fallen asleep in the chair by Jane's bed. I looked across at her silently sleeping as I touched my fingers to my lips wishing to be back asleep, to be back with Jane awake, safe and kissing me.

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Very sweet and sad! I hope you continue.

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